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Training Programs provide immediate benefits . Designing of the Program has to be done carefully considering the content of course and the context that participants participate with-in . The courses are need based , researched and created for the Training Group . Variety of approaches in designing the Training also meets the diversity of the training needs , working for both Individual and Organizational achievements . 

Key Training Course Features

  • Easy Registration Process, Time 8:40 am. onwards 
  • Well Established Program Schedule
  • Trainer committed to high value , need based training
  • Comprehensive International scientific tools , material , activities
  • Additional Training needs are also delivered 
  • Time 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm. after Registration is completed

Leadership Program :

  • What it takes to Lead
  • Coloured  Brain Inventory
  • World of Work Map
  • CBC Cards
  • Monkey King Management Mind Map
  • Achieving Leadership Success through people
  • Management of Anger , Conflict , Time and Self
  • Team Building for Greater Output
  • Transformation Leadership - how to inspire Extraordinary Performance

Intercommunication Challenges :

  • Effective Communication , Barriers , Correction , Remedies
  • Human Emotional Drivers ( EDs )
  • Ready for Interactive Journey , Better Human Being
  • Increase Your Circle of Tolerance
  • Passive , assertive and aggressive approaches
  • Interpersonal Techniques
  • Communication style and pitfalls
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Coloured Glasses Syndrome
  • Talk for Your Achievements
  • Can you perform better now ?

If the Course description is close to Your requirement but You have an additional or different need the course can be designed incorporating the Training modules .   


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The Game has changed . Impact is measured even more closely. People have to compete with New Challenges in Life both at Work & Home front. Where control and predictability seem to be order of the day we find no assurance of these on our decisions and plans implemented. We have to overcome this and it's time to put Your Life in Your Hands . In this global...

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To be a leading Organization for Learning and Skill Development, enriching lives, enabling sustainable Transformation, with continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us As Your Training Partner

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Professional Support
  • International Tools
  • Professional Coaching And Consulting
  • Accelerated Learning Methods
  • High Impact , High Energy delivery
  • Post Training Professional Support
  • Reliability , successful customized learning
  • Real , measurable value , solutions achieved  

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